Terrans Force Handle 5 Vs ROG Ally | Can The New Handheld Keep Up?


The handheld gaming PC market has become increasingly competitive, with new contenders vying for the spotlight alongside established leaders like the ASUS ROG Ally. One such challenger is the Terrans Force Handle 5, boasting high-end specifications in a compact form factor. But how does it fare against the acclaimed ROG Ally? In this comprehensive comparison, we’ll delve into various aspects to determine whether the Handle 5 can measure up to its competitor.


Terrans Force Handle 5 Vs ROG Ally

Terrans Force Handle 5: The Handle 5 features a sleek and understated design with a matte white finish. While not excessively flashy, it offers solid build quality and comfortable ergonomics. The device includes all the expected controls, with an LED power indicator adding a subtle touch of color.

ROG Ally: In contrast, the ROG Ally showcases ASUS’s signature styling with aggressive angles and standout aesthetics. Glowing LEDs beneath the joysticks and customizable rear grip buttons contribute to its premium flair, making it a statement piece in the handheld gaming space.

Comparison: While the Handle 5 opts for a more refined and low-key aesthetic, the ROG Ally embraces its identity as a gaming device with flashy cosmetics. The preference between the two designs may vary among users, with some appreciating the simplicity of the Handle 5 and others drawn to the Ally’s bold appearance.


Both devices feature impressive 7-inch 1080p touchscreens with smooth 120Hz refresh rates, facilitating responsive and fluid gaming experiences. However, the ROG Ally gains an edge with its variable refresh rate (VRR) display, offering a range of 48-120Hz on the fly. This technology synchronizes refresh rates with in-game frame rates, minimizing screen tearing and stuttering for optimal visual performance. While the Handle 5 lacks VRR support, both devices deliver excellent visuals suitable for gaming on the go.


Terrans Force Handle 5 Vs ROG Ally
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Internally, the Handle 5 and ROG Ally feature the latest mobile processors based on AMD’s Zen4 architecture, offering desktop-class performance in portable form factors. Both devices boast similar maximum boost clock speeds, with minor differences in CPU performance that don’t significantly impact real-world gaming experiences. The Handle 5’s “Rage Mode” provides a temporary boost in performance through increased TDP power limits, but it’s designed for short-term usage and doesn’t significantly affect long-term gaming experiences. Overall, both models deliver flagship power for AAA gaming handhelds, with the Handle 5 holding a narrow lead in CPU performance while the Ally benefits from ASUS’s thermal optimization for sustained performance.

Price & Verdict:

At its current inflated price of $999, the Handle 5 faces stiff competition from the ROG Ally, which is available at $699—a full $300 less. Considering the similar specifications and superior value offered by Ally, it emerges as the clear winner in terms of price-to-performance ratio. Additionally, advantages like VRR further solidify Ally’s position as the superior choice for display quality. While the Handle 5 brings respectable power and features to the table, its pricing and availability issues hinder its ability to compete effectively against the ROG Ally. However, once its retail situation improves, it could become a viable alternative for high-end handheld gamers.


In conclusion, the Terrans Force Handle 5 and ROG Ally represent formidable contenders in the handheld gaming PC market. While the Handle 5 impresses with its sleek design and solid performance, it falls short in terms of pricing and display technology compared to the ROG Ally. With superior value and advanced features like VRR, the Ally emerges as the preferred choice for gamers seeking a high-performance handheld device. Nevertheless, as the landscape of the handheld gaming market evolves, the Handle 5 may find its niche among enthusiasts once pricing and availability become more favorable.

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