Nintendo Switch 2 – It’s Almost Here!

Six years have passed since the Nintendo Switch first graced the gaming market, and according to the company’s latest earnings report, it has sold over 122.55 million units worldwide. Remarkably, in the last 12 months, the Switch has even outperformed the highly anticipated PS5 by an impressive 3.24 million units, solidifying its continued demand and success. 

However, with the handheld and home console markets experiencing a resurgence, it appears that the time has finally come for Nintendo to introduce its successor. While the internal hardware of the Nintendo Switch may be considered outdated compared to giants like the PS5 and Xbox Series X, there are already numerous leaks and news circulating about the upcoming console. In this article, we will explore the anticipated changes and improvements we can expect from the highly awaited Nintendo Switch 2.

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Embracing the OLED Display Trend

OLED displays have become the new standard in the handheld gaming industry, and it is no surprise that Nintendo released an OLED version of the Switch in 2021. However, the upgrade didn’t offer significant internal changes apart from the improved display. Therefore, it is highly likely that the upcoming Nintendo Switch 2 will feature an OLED display as well, presenting a significant visual enhancement for gamers.

A New Powerhouse Under the Hood

Both the original Nintendo Switch and the OLED version utilize Nvidia’s custom Tegra processor. Recent leaks from a Twitter leaker named Connor (@Aura_XDA) suggest that the Switch 2 will adopt a newer version of Nvidia’s Tegra chip. This updated chip is expected to be built using Samsung’s 5 nanometers 5LPP (Lower Power Plus) technology. 

While the exact specifications remain undisclosed, there is speculation that the Switch 2 might feature a GPU based on Nvidia’s Ampere or Lovelace architecture, potentially offering improved performance and graphical capabilities. This advancement could also bring the possibility of accessing Nvidia’s Deep Learning Super Sampling (DLSS) technology, enabling the potential for 4K image output when connected to an external monitor.

Enhanced Connectivity with Wi-Fi 6E

One common complaint among Nintendo Switch users has been the poor internet connection, often causing difficulties when connecting to Wi-Fi networks. In light of this, an upgrade to the latest Wi-Fi 6E technology would be a significant improvement for the Nintendo Switch 2. Wi-Fi 6E offers faster speeds, lower latency, and improved stability, ensuring a smoother online gaming experience for users.

Ample Storage Capacity for Gaming Pleasure

Both the original Nintendo Switch and the OLED model come with limited storage capacities of 32GB and 64GB, respectively. While it is possible to expand the storage using a microSD card, it would be more convenient for users if the Switch 2 came packed with higher default storage capacity. A minimum of 128GB or even 256GB would be ideal, providing ample space for game downloads and updates without the immediate need for external storage.

Revamped Joy-Con Design

With the introduction of a new Nintendo Switch, it is reasonable to expect a redesign of the Joy-Con controllers as well. Whether it’s an entirely new design or an iteration of the existing model, Nintendo has a reputation for innovation and ergonomic improvements. A patent filed by Nintendo of Japan a few years ago showcased a bendable hinge design for the Joy-Con, and it remains to be seen if this concept will be integrated into the Switch 2. Nonetheless, gamers can anticipate enhanced comfort and usability in the next-generation Joy-Con controllers.

Release Date and Availability

While there hasn’t been any official announcement regarding the release of the Nintendo Switch 2, online news and leaks suggest that it is highly likely to be announced later this year, with an expected release date in early 2024. As more information becomes available, we will continue to provide updates and insights into this eagerly awaited gaming console.

In conclusion, the upcoming Nintendo Switch 2 promises to be an exciting addition to the gaming landscape. With anticipated improvements in display technology, processing power, connectivity, storage capacity, and controller design, Nintendo is poised to deliver another hit in the gaming industry. As we eagerly await the official announcement, it is clear that the Nintendo Switch 2 will further enhance the gaming experience for enthusiasts worldwide.

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