Logitech G Cloud Specs and Performance

In the fast-paced world of gaming, having a portable gaming console that offers exceptional performance and cutting-edge features is a dream come true for every avid gamer. Logitech G Cloud Handheld Portable Gaming Console is here to revolutionize your gaming experience with its impressive specifications and outstanding performance. Let’s dive into the world of Logitech G Cloud and explore its remarkable features.

Logitech G Cloud Specs and Performance

Gaming Console ModelLogitech G Cloud
Cloud Gaming CompatibilityXbox Cloud Gaming (Beta), NVIDIA GeForce NOW
Additional Cloud ServicesSupports Wi-Fi speeds up to 800+Mbps over a 5GHz connection
Screen Size7-inch
Screen Resolution1080p (Full HD)
Refresh Rate60Hz
Aspect Ratio16:9
Battery Life12+ hours (may vary based on usage)
Weight463 g
ControlsGaming-grade controls with haptics, gyroscope, and remappable options
Wi-Fi SupportSupports Wi-Fi speeds up to 800+Mbps over 5GHz connection
ProcessorCore processor optimized for reduced latency in cloud gaming
App StoreGoogle Play
Remote Play SupportXbox Remote Play app, Steam Link app
Carbon FootprintCertified Carbon Neutral
Logitech G Cloud Handheld Portable Gaming Console with Long-Battery Life, 1080P 7-Inch Touchscreen, Lightweight Design, Xbox Cloud Gaming, NVIDIA GeForce NOW, Google Play
  • Some features may require an online subscription
  • Cloud Gaming System: The best of cloud gaming in your hands, play hundreds of AAA video game titles,...
  • Multiple Cloud Gaming Services: Integration with Xbox Cloud Gaming (Beta) and NVIDIA GeForce NOW,...
  • Remote Play: Use this handheld gaming device to remotely play your games with the Xbox Remote Play...

Unparalleled Gaming Experience

The Logitech G Cloud Handheld Portable Gaming Console is designed to provide an immersive gaming experience like no other. Featuring a 7-inch Full HD 1080p touchscreen with a 60Hz refresh rate and a full-screen 16:9 aspect ratio, this gaming console delivers stunning visuals and smooth gameplay. Whether you’re battling fierce enemies or exploring vast virtual worlds, every detail comes to life with exceptional clarity.

Logitech G Cloud Specs and Performance

Seamless Cloud Gaming Integration

One of the standout features of the Logitech G Cloud is its seamless integration with multiple cloud gaming services. With access to Xbox Cloud Gaming (Beta) and NVIDIA GeForce NOW, you can enjoy a wide range of games without the need for downloads or hardware upgrades. 

Simply connect to Wi-Fi and subscribe to your favorite cloud gaming service, and you’re ready to embark on gaming adventures anytime, anywhere.

Remote Play Capability

The versatility of the Logitech G Cloud extends beyond cloud gaming. You can use this handheld gaming device to remotely play your games through the Xbox Remote Play app and Steam Link apps. 

Whether you’re away from home or prefer playing on a smaller screen, the Logitech G Cloud offers the flexibility to enjoy your favorite games with ease.

Lightweight and Long-Lasting

Gaming on the go has never been more convenient. The Logitech G Cloud is designed with portability in mind, weighing just 463 grams. This lightweight gaming console ensures that you can comfortably play for hours without any strain. 

Plus, with its impressive 12+ hour battery life, you can enjoy uninterrupted gaming sessions without worrying about running out of power.

Enhanced Gaming Controls

Logitech G Cloud features gaming-grade controls that rival the best console controllers. With haptic feedback, a gyroscope, and remappable controls, you have complete control over your gaming experience.

 The tactile feedback provided by the haptic technology immerses you further into the game, while the gyroscope allows for precise motion control. Additionally, the ability to remap controls gives you the freedom to customize your gameplay to suit your preferences.

Lightning-Fast Speed and Connectivity

When it comes to online gaming, a reliable and speedy connection is essential. The Logitech G Cloud supports Wi-Fi speeds of up to 800+Mbps over a 5GHz connection, ensuring lag-free and uninterrupted gameplay. Say goodbye to frustrating lag and latency issues and enjoy a smooth and seamless gaming experience.

Engineered for Optimal Performance

The Logitech G Cloud is engineered to deliver exceptional performance specifically for cloud gaming. It features a core processor that has been optimized to reduce latency, resulting in ultra-responsive gameplay. 

Additionally, the optimized Wi-Fi radio minimizes signal interference, providing a stable and reliable connection during your gaming sessions.

Additional Features and Specifications

In addition to its impressive performance, the Logitech G Cloud comes with several noteworthy features. Its compact dimensions of 10.11 x 4.61 x 1.59 inches make it easy to carry in your bag or pocket.

 The console’s sleek design and superior build quality showcase Logitech’s commitment to delivering premium gaming products.

The Logitech G Cloud Handheld Portable Gaming Console is certified carbon neutral, demonstrating Logitech’s dedication to sustainability and environmental responsibility.

 It is equipped with two Lithium Polymer batteries, providing the necessary power to fuel your gaming adventures. The console’s language support in English ensures that gamers from around the world can enjoy a seamless gaming experience.


The Logitech G Cloud Handheld Portable Gaming Console is a game-changer for gaming enthusiasts who crave exceptional performance and portability. With its impressive specifications, including a 7-inch Full HD touchscreen, seamless cloud gaming integration, lightweight design, and gaming-grade controls, this console takes your gaming experience to new heights. 

Whether you’re a casual gamer or a hardcore enthusiast, the Logitech G Cloud is the perfect companion for your gaming journey. Get ready to immerse yourself in a world of unparalleled gaming adventures with the Logitech G Cloud Handheld Portable Gaming Console.

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