How to Install Dual Boot Windows 11 & Android on Handheld Console

Are you a gaming enthusiast who loves to explore new projects during weekends? If you own an AYN Odin handheld console, I have an exciting tutorial for you! In this comprehensive guide, I’ll walk you through the process of installing a dual-boot setup on your AYN Odin so that it can run both Android and Windows 11. By the end of this tutorial, you’ll be able to switch between Android and Windows effortlessly, opening up new gaming possibilities on your device.

Introduction to Dual Booting

Before we begin, let’s understand the concept of dual booting. Dual booting allows you to have two operating systems installed on the same device, and you can choose which one to boot into at startup. In this case, we’ll set up Android and Windows 11 to coexist on your AYN Odin, thereby doubling the potential of your handheld console.

Important Precautions

Before proceeding with the dual boot installation, please note that this process involves wiping the storage on your AYN Odin. The internal storage will be divided in half, with one part dedicated to Android and the other to Windows. Therefore, make sure to back up any essential data from your device before starting.

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Prerequisites for Dual Boot Installation

To embark on this project, you will need the following items:

  1. A Windows-based computer.
  2. An AYN Odin or Odin Pro handheld console.
  3. A USB flash drive with at least 8 GB of storage.
  4. A USB Type-C to USB Type-A adapter.
  5. A microSD card (remove it from the device during the installation to ensure its safety).

Downloading Required Files

First, download the necessary files to set up the dual boot. We will need the following:

  1. USB Drivers: Download the USB drivers from the provided link and install them on your Windows computer.
  2. Custom Boot Files: Extract the custom boot files to a folder on your computer. These files will partition the storage and install Android.
  3. Windows USB Installer: Download the Windows USB installer files and extract them to a folder. Ensure that the “install.wim” file is located within the “images” folder.

Step-by-Step Dual Boot Installation Guide

Now that we have all the required files, let’s proceed with the step-by-step installation process:

1. Installing USB Drivers

Install the USB drivers on your Windows computer to recognize the AYN Odin when connected via USB.

2. Custom Boot Files

Turn off your AYN Odin and boot it into the Fastboot menu by holding the volume up button and then pressing and holding the power button. Connect the device to your computer using the USB Type-C to USB Type-A adapter.

Next, browse to the custom boot folder and run the “flash.bat” file. This will partition the storage and install Android on one of the partitions. This process may take several minutes.

3. Booting into Android

Once the installation is complete, your AYN Odin will reboot into Android by default. Proceed with setting up Android as usual.

4. Preparing the USB Flash Drive

Format your USB flash drive to FAT32 using a tool like GUI Format. Name the drive to make it easily recognizable, e.g., “win_odin.”

5. Preparing the Windows USB Installer

Extract the Windows USB installer files to a folder and move the “install.wim” file to the “images” folder within the installer folder.

6. Installing Windows

Power off your AYN Odin and insert the prepared USB flash drive. Boot the device into the Windows mode by holding the volume up button and then pressing and holding the power button.

The device will start the preliminary installation of Windows, which may result in a blue screen of death. Hold down the power button to turn off the device.

7. Finalizing Windows Installation

After powering off, remove the USB flash drive, and boot back into the Windows mode following the same steps as before. The device will continue the Windows installation process, leading to a fully booted Windows system.

8. Setting Up Windows

Follow the on-screen prompts to set up Windows 11 on your AYN Odin. Use a USB keyboard and mouse to ease the process. Adjust display settings and resolution as needed.

9. Gaming Experience on Windows

With Windows 11 successfully installed on your AYN Odin, you can now explore gaming possibilities beyond Android. Install Steam and your favorite PC games to enjoy gaming on a bigger screen with enhanced capabilities.

Fine-Tuning and Game Compatibility

While dual booting opens up exciting gaming opportunities, some games might encounter graphical glitches or performance issues on the AYN Odin. It’s essential to keep an eye on updates and patches for both Windows and your games. The community has been actively testing game compatibility, and you can find a comprehensive spreadsheet linked in the video description.

Reverting to Android

If you ever wish to revert to Android and undo the dual boot setup, you can refer to the official guide provided for restoring the device back to its Android state.


Congratulations! You have successfully set up a dual boot configuration on your AYN Odin handheld console, enabling you to seamlessly switch between Android and Windows 11. With access to a broader range of games and applications, your gaming experience is sure to reach new heights. Remember to explore game compatibility and stay up-to-date with updates and developments to make the most out of your dual boot system. Happy gaming on your AYN Odin!

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