Apple Handheld: Is It Happening?

In recent years, the handheld gaming market has experienced significant growth, prompting rumors of Sony reentering the market. Now, the question arises: Will Apple, the tech giant, take advantage of this trend? Speculations about Apple developing a Nintendo Switch competitor have been circulating for some time, with various leaks providing insights into their alleged plans. This article aims to explore the rumors and assess the possibility of Apple entering the handheld gaming console market.

Rumors and Leaks

According to a Twitter leaker named @frontron, Apple is reportedly working on a hybrid console. A link shared in their tweet from a South Korean forum thread mentioned Apple’s development of a handheld console with a new chip, potentially supporting ray tracing. Additionally, it was suggested that Apple was negotiating with major game developer Ubisoft for future game development.

Another well-known Twitter leaker, @StellaFudge, claimed that Apple has invested a significant amount of money in game development to compete with Nintendo’s renowned titles such as The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. However, despite these rumors circulating for two years, no official announcements have been made by Apple, leaving these claims as mere speculation.

Challenges for Apple

While the handheld console market is on the rise again, Apple faces substantial challenges in competing with Nintendo’s legacy and loyal fan base. An article by a publication called “Made Use Of” emphasized that Nintendo’s exclusive titles like Mario, Pokemon, Zelda, and Super Smash Bros significantly contribute to the fan base’s attraction. Apple lacks these exclusive titles, making it challenging to draw Nintendo fans into the Apple ecosystem.

Chip Selection and Pricing

If Apple were to make an official announcement, the choice of chip selection for their handheld console remains uncertain. Speculation suggests they may opt for the latest M2 series or even develop a custom-built chip. Using the previous M1 model could be deemed outdated, considering the competition and the anticipated release of the Nintendo Switch 2.

Regarding pricing, it is unlikely that Apple would offer its handheld console at a similar price point to the Nintendo Switch. Apple’s iOS and Apple Arcade platforms may not offer the same level of flexibility in terms of game choices. If prices are set higher, Apple must ensure they have a robust library of games to support their system, as this will significantly impact the interest of handheld gaming enthusiasts.


While rumors of Apple entering the handheld console market persist, no official announcements have been made, leaving the possibility open but uncertain. Apple faces the challenge of creating an enticing ecosystem without the exclusive titles that Nintendo offers.

 The choice of chip selection and pricing will also play a crucial role in the potential success of Apple’s handheld console. As we await further information and a potential announcement from Apple, it remains to be seen whether they can surprise us with an actual release date and capture the attention of handheld gaming enthusiasts.

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